About Oklahoma Wonders

Hi, I’m Stephanie! Oklahoma Wonders is my love letter to Oklahoma and the places I grew up traveling as a kid with my family: Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, and Route 66!

When I turned eighteen, I moved away. First to go to school at the University of Kansas, then to Philadelphia, and finally to Eastern Europe where I wrote about and specialized in Balkan travel.

Oklahoma - Prague - Valentine and Stephanie in front of Prague Mural with the car

During the last five years as a professional travel writer, I visited over fifty countries, was published in National Geographic Online, got interviewed by the New York Times and CNN, launched History Fangirl and Sofia Adventures, and started two podcasts including the niche hit Rick Steves Over Brunch. I was living my dreams and having a blast.

Then things changed. My husband and I had our first son, and we realized we wanted to be close to family. We decided to trade traipsing around Europe for exploring Oklahoma, and I couldn’t be happier!

Oklahoma - Stillwater - Jordan and Stephanie at Coney's

In moving back, we have had a thrilling time going on day trips from Oklahoma City to state parks, waterfalls, castles, and scenic drives. I’ve been locked in a kolaches jail in Prague, bought honey from monks in Shawnee, and snapped pics of every roadside attraction in Oklahoma that we can find. We have been to museums, gone on history tours, and eaten at beloved small-town diners.

We are seeing the best of Oklahoma, and this is where we will share it with you!