7 Essential Baby Care Apps for New Moms & Dads

Best Baby Care Apps for New Moms
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Before you even head to the hospital, there are some baby care apps that you will want to have downloaded on your phone and ready to go. These are the best apps for new moms and dads that got me through the first three months after the baby was born.

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The Best Baby Care Apps for New Moms & Dads

Make sure you have these apps loaded on your smartphone!

White Noise Baby

Best Baby Care Apps for New Moms

You’ll be happy to have this app on your phone before you even leave the hospital! The world sounds eerily quiet to a new baby after the ambient sounds of being inside the womb.

A white noise app is a great stopgap measure until you get your baby home to a white noise machine. If you aren’t planning on using a white noise machine, then you can keep using the app, provided you don’t want to use nap time for some much needed social connections on your phone.

My baby preferred the oscillating fan setting, but there are tons of options like car ride, train ride, and hair dryer.

A Pedometer App

Best Baby Care Apps for New Moms

I eventually upgraded to a Fitbit, but if you aren’t interested in getting a smartwatch or Fitbit than a pedometer app will help you count your steps so you can make sure you are up and moving during the time when you feel essentially homebound.

Upping your activity levels a bit will help replenish your energy for those long night feedings and early mornings.

If you do upgrade to a Fitbit or a smartwatch with a built in fitness tracker like an Apple Watch, Fitbit Versa, etc. you can use their custom fitness apps. If you are going to rely on using your phone, there are literally dozens of free pedometer apps to choose from.

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Essential Baby Care Apps for New Moms and Dads

At first, you’ll just like being able to play baby-friendly music when you need to distract your crying baby, but after just a few months you will find your baby actually loves watching the screen.

While we are trying to keep screen time down, every morning we have a little sing-along with videos from the Super Simple Songs channel.

We sometimes play the videos from our smartphones and use a smartphone stand to prop it up. Other times we play it on YouTube on our TV.

A Cloud Storage App

Best Baby Care Apps for New Dads

I’m sure you know you’ll be taking a million pictures of your new baby, but where are you going to keep them? You don’t want to have to delete all your precious photos, and you simply won’t have time as a new parent to pick which photos you want to keep and which you don’t.

Even if your phone has tons of storage on it, what would happen if your phone got stolen or broken? You don’t want to be left with just the photos you’ve shared on social media, because there are tons of private moments you will be happy go through later. Everything right now will be a blur, but eventually you will want to pause and reflect.

I back up my photos every day to my Dropbox cloud account. I upload from my cellphone using the Dropbox app, but I can also access my account on my laptop through their website.

If you’re an iPhone user, you may choose to use an upgraded iCloud account that can handle more than the 2GB of free storage they give you.

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There are other cloud storage options available, so pick the one that works for you.

Baby Tracker

Best Baby Care Apps for New Dads

Baby Tracker lets you keep track of feedings, naps, how long your baby is sleeping overnight, dirty diapers, and other essential baby functions.

This app saved my life during the first three month when every day was fog of sleep deprivation. Basic information like how long has the baby been napping were hard to answer because everything was a blur. Using a tracker helped me keep critical baby information handy like if the baby had eaten enough that day or if he was getting enough sleep.

By the middle of the third month we were on a pretty consistant schedule and I no longer needed to track everything so closely. But I don’t know how I would have survived the first ten to twelve weeks without Baby Tracker.

Lightroom Mobile

Best Baby Care Apps for New Dads

Since you know you’ll be taking tons of photos, you want to be able to take your pics from good to great quickly. Lightroom mobile is a powerful app, made by the people behind Photoshop. The free version has every feature you need for editing baby photos.

You don’t even need to be a great amateur photographer to use Lightroom Mobile. Simply straightening your photos, cropping out unnecessary background clutter, and adjusting to the right brightness level can make a huge difference:

You can even take your own newborn photos and edit them in Lightroom Mobile like I did with ours:

Newborn Photography Session
Our birth announcement photo.

While I have an expensive DSLR, this photo was taken on my Samsung and edited in Lightroom Mobile for free!

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I use Canva for all kinds of baby photography projects, like this birthday card.
I use Canva for all kinds of baby photography projects, like this birthday card.

You’re going to have all these cute baby photos, but just throwing them up on Instagram stories is going to get old! So instead, you might want to make fun digital cards and messages (and sometimes print them out).

While I have a paid Canva subscription that I use on my laptop, you can get their free smartphone app if you don’t use a laptop or desktop much. You can do so much with the program beyond just making cute digital cards. I even used Canva to edit my son’s baby passport photos at home!

This way you can take a photo on your cell phone, save a backup to your cloud storage, edit it in Lightroom mobile, and then turn it into a beautiful card or message for family…all on your phone. If you get good at it you can even do all of it while you’re feeding the baby. (I’m only kind of kidding…).

What baby apps do you love?

Share them in the comments, and I’ll check them out!

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Essential Baby Care Apps for New Moms and Dads

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