10 Perfectly Instagrammable Places in Norman, Oklahoma

Oklahoma - Norman - Campus
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Looking for the best photography spots in Norman, Oklahoma? Check out these instantly Instagrammable places in Norman, including photography spots on the University of Oklahoma campus and off, places that are popular for Norman engagement photos, high school senior pictures, vintage and retro photo spots, prom photos, and romantic photography spots.

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Instagrammable Places in Norman

Where to Stay in Norman

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The Best Photography Spots in Norman, Oklahoma

Here are my favorite Instagram spots in Norman…so far! Every time I go back I find a few more and add them to the list, so bookmark this page if you want future ideas.

The Boyd House

Oklahoma - Norman - OU Whitehouse / Boyd's House

The Boyd House is also affectionately known as the OU White House and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The official residence of the President of OU, it’s convenient to campus and oh so dreamy!

Location: 414 W Boyd St

Love Statue at Jacobsen Hall

This iconic statue is one of thirty that are on display in the US by the late Robert Indiana, a famous American artist. While you might be more familiar with the version in Love Park in Philadelphia, the one on campus in Norman is red and blue.

Location: 550 Parrington Oval

Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

Oklahoma - Norman - University of Oklahoma Stadium

Whether you take a photo of the stadium on the outside or you’re lucky enough to take a picture at an OU football game from within the stadium, there’s really nothing that screams “Norman” more than a perfectly executed game day photo, and this is the perfect game day photo spot! Face paint not required.

Location: 1185 Asp Ave

OU Water Tower

Oklahoma - Norman - OU Water Tower

Rising above campus like an adorable yet permanent hot air balloon, the water tower makes for the perfect photo spot. It is iconic, instantly recognizable, and seen from many different vantage points. Find your perfect version for yourself!

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Location: OU Campus

Lake Thunderbird State Park

Golden sunset over the port at lake Thunderbird, Norman, Oklahoma

The only state park in the greater metro area, Lake Thunderbird offers the perfect mix of recreation and entertainment. Plus, it’s gorgeous!

My favorite photos of the lake are at sunrise and sunset, but the planks and walkways give ample opportunities to find your own take.

Location: 13101 Alameda Dr

Oklahoma Memorial Union

Oklahoma - Norman - Campus Telephone Booth at Oklahoma Memorial Union Student Union

The student union is the heart of any good college campus, and the Oklahoma Memorial Union is no exception.

Come get your quintessentially-college photos. Perfect for graduation, visiting high school seniors, or just goofing around between classes. There are great photo spots both inside and out!

Location: 900 Asp Ave

The Red Telephone Booth

Oklahoma - Norman - OU Telephone Booth

I would be remiss not to mention the red phone booth outside the union offers its own photography opportunities and really deserves its own place on this list.

If you’re looking for London or UK-themed photo shoots, this needs to be a part of your plan. It’s arguably the most European-looking photo spot in Norman! I mean, if you didn’t know that pic was from OU, where would you have guessed?

Location: 900 Asp Ave

University of Oklahoma Campus Buildings

Oklahoma - Norman - The University of Oklahoma

While I’ve named a few of my favorite OU spots already, don’t forget to get out and play around with what’s out there! You can find spots that look more like a castle than a campus, charming fountain and water photography, and, of course, people watching for street photography (just be respectful).

McFarlin Church

Oklahoma - Norman - McFarlin Church

It’s hard not to be struck by the beauty of McFarlin Church when you see it. Towering above the neighborhood, it’s more reminiscent of Ireland than Oklahoma. Play with the angles, times of day, and textures to find something that’s all yours.

Location: 419 S University Blvd

Neighborhood Houses

Oklahoma - Norman - Yellow House

The beautiful historic houses in the areas around campus offer their own unique photo ideas. You can find beautiful homes, colorful homes, ones that have been decorated by hippies, political signs, and more. The diversity of what you can find here makes a photo walk near-campus-but-just-off so rewarding!

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What to Wear in Norman

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Instagrammable Places in Norman

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