101 Over-the-Top Tiger King Quotes by Joe Exotic & Cast!

Best Quotes from Tiger King_ Murder, Mayhem and Madness
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While we’re all a little stir-crazy, Netflix did us all a solid and dropped the documentary Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. And for anyone from Oklahoma, you might not believe all of this was happening right in little Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

Now it’s probably because between global politics and having a two-month-old at home, I’ve now watched the documentary three and a half times. And each time I pick up some new detail that makes the whole story seem even crazier. And while the story is complicated, it’s the kind of trainwreck you just can’t look away from.

So on my last (and hopefully final) watching, I pulled all the best Tiger King quotes. Some are tragic, some are political, some are hilarious, but they are all…very Tiger King-esque, if you will.

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Best Quotes from Tiger King_ Murder, Mayhem and Madness

The Best Quotes from Tiger King

These Tiger King quotes contain some spoilers. So if you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it right now and come back! Feel free to use these quotes as Tiger King Instagram captions, Whatsapp status, Facebook status, or on social media.

Quotes by Joe Exotic

Tiger King IMG_0085JEPA_R
Tiger King

I went to work every day prepared to die in a tiger cage. Dying doesn’t scare me. -Joe Exotic

Come here, you s*** beast. -Joe Exotic

I can assure you’re going to get closer to tigers and lions here than you would anywhere in the world. Matter of fact, you’re gonna get so close I can almost promise you some of you will be urinated on. -Joe Exotic

Come here, love me! Come here, love me! -Joe Exotic

We got honey, we got barbecue sauce, we have steak sauce, skin cream. I have s** gel for you and for her! -Joe Exotic

I don’t wear underwear. -Joe Exotic 

What do we say to drugs? We say no to drugs, that’s right. Because drugs will make your teeth fall out, and you get really ugly and you don’t have any friends. -Joe Exotic

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Animals just wasn’t enough, okay? So then I started adding magic. -Joe Exotic

It is a ticking time bomb if somebody thinks they’re gonna walk in here and take my animals away. It’s gonna be a small Waco. -Joe Exotic

This is the thing you don’t want when you have tigers, folks. It’s a real-life tornado, and there ain’t nothin’ you can do besides protect yourself. -Joe Exotic

This is my own little town. I’m the mayor, the prosecutor, the cop, and the executioner. -Joe Exotic 

I’m in a cage. Do you know why animals die in cages? Their soul dies. -Joe Exotic

Ladies and gentlemen, before you hear it on the news, I’m gonna tell you myself. About an hour ago, we had an incident where one of the employees stuck their arm through the cage and a tiger tore her arm off. I can give you your money back, or I can give you a rain check. Why don’t you come back at another day? -Joe Exotic

Oh my god. I’m never gonna financially recover from this. -Joe Exotic. 

When I met him, I had two husbands, whatever you want to call them. He had three girlfriends or wives. Are we running a competition? I don’t think so. -Joe Exotic

She is not a stupid woman. She makes everybody else do her dirty work. -Joe Exotic

Her sanctuary is probably worse than most people’s backyards. I mean the cages are tiny, the weeds are shoulder high. It is literally a wire jungle in a mess of trees. -Joe Exotic

He’s got his little cult, and I’ve got my little cult, you know. -Joe Exotic

Carole Baskin’s third husband, they can’t find his body. We believe that she fed him to the tigers. -Joe Exotic

I don’t even know how you hold your head up in a community that thinks you k***ed your husband. -Joe Exotic

It will be a cold day in hell before you beat me. -Joe Exotic

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Ain’t nobody help me. Nobody. -Joe Exotic

I’ve had my days of coke. I had my days of drinking. I had my days of meth. -Joe Exotic

Fell in love with straight guys, because there’s not too many gay guys in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. -Joe Exotic

The man is just a walking Chucky doll, dude. -Joe Exotic

You would have thought they just caught Ted Bundy. -Joe Exotic

They strip you butt naked, put you in a six-by-eight-foot concrete room with no windows, no blankets, no nothing. I am supposed to be in this country born, raised, innocent until proven guilty. And I’ve been stripped off my clothes, my rights, my identity, my dignity. -Joe Exotic 

I euthanized five tigers, okay? -Joe Exotic

Before I’m done with this, I’m gonna have this b****’s head in a jar. -Joe Exotic

Oh, I know what happened. I’ve got three felons that want my zoo. -Joe Exotic

Are the animals happy? Who the hell knows. -Joe Exotic

Quotes by Carole Baskin


Our mission is to ban the private possession of these magnificent animals. -Carole Baskin

I live, eat, and breathe ending the captivity of wild cats. -Carole Baskin

A tiger needs 400 square miles of territory in the wild. So there’s no cage that’s going to be sufficient. -Carole Baskin

I’ve never been a person that had friends, and so my friends were two imaginary white cats. -Carole Baskin

Frequently, these people that have these animals will use them as a lure to bring in young people that really haven’t had the opportunity yet to build a lot of relationships and understand how badly they’re being abused themselves. And they’re using those animals as the way of forcing these people into labor camps. -Carole Baskin

I don’t pay anybody to do animal care, because people will do that for free. -Carole Baskin

Hey all you cool cats and kittens. -Carole Baskin

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Judge me by the enemies I have made. -Carole Baskin

I deal with stress the same way cats do. -Carole Baskin

If somebody wanted to k*** you, then they would put, like, sardine oil all over you. Something the cat wants to eat, not something the cat wants to drool on. -Carole Baskin

Quotes by Howard Baskin

This is organized crime. -Howard Baskin

People like Joe have an amazing grip over people, generating and affection and a devotion that is totally irrational. -Howard Baskin

That definitely was a champagne and brie evening. -Howard Baskin

Quotes by Doc Antle


He’s a completely insane, gay, g**-toting, drug-addict fanatic. -Bhagavan Doc Antle

Nothing is cooler, s**ier, and more significant to the world we live in today than a tiger. It has this primordial calligraphy that tells a message just in its very image. Everyone love them. Anyone who says they don’t is just insecure and broken. -Bhagavan Doc Antle

It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle. -Bhagavan Doc Antle

High-quality social media, duping tons of teenage children to devote their days and times to the cause that she has. And so they go to Big Cat Rescue, a derelict, rundown, backyard collection of 12 cats, and think they’re going to the world’s greatest big cat sanctuary. -Bhagavan Doc Antle

You’re leading me down a road where people are just gonna say, “You have to join a f***ing cult to be a tiger trainer.” -Bhagavan Doc Antle

Quotes by Barbara Fisher

Doc says, “You’re this garbage person, but if you listen to me, I’ll make you great. If they wanted to get to the top really quickly, they should sleep with him. I certainly didn’t want to sleep with him, but I was thinking about it. -Barbara Fisher

There was a certain personality of woman that he wanted. They were virgins or close to virgins. He would become that s** partner for them, the first, and then they would be bonded to him in this way, where he felt like he could get them to do anything. -Barbara Fisher

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So there’s this concept where a guru will touch you and you’ll become enlightened. So essentially, it’s Shaktipat with penis. -Barbara Fisher

He would say “They’re free to leave at any time.” But that’s the way it is in all cults. I mean they’re free to leave, they’re usually not locked up. They’re being held by a thousand, like, social ties and by the idea of losing everything, and how are they gonna even go and where will they go when they leave? -Barbara Fisher

I was really looking for somebody to tell me what to do. Doc said men are pigs and women are sheep. I was a sheep, I guess, ripe for the slaughter. -Barbara Fisher

Quotes by Jeff Lowe

Tiger King: Murder Mayhem and Madness_LimitedSeries_Episode4_00_36_52_22_R

Joe turned into a little b****. -Jeff Lowe

We had tigers in our house, and it got me in trouble. Animal control stormed the place like we were El Chapo, because I had two baby cats up there. -Jeff Lowe

You can’t funnel and embezzle money. -Jeff Lowe

They already told me you’re being investigated for something else, but they wouln’t tell me what it is, and when the s*** hits the fan, I don’t need another felony. -Jeff Lowe

Joe probably thought I was loyal to him and I would never turn on him. -Jeff Lowe

We take Lauren in next Tuesday to be induced to give birth to Sarah Evelyn Lowe, and then we get Lauren back in the gym. -Jeff Lowe

I said you can get a nanny as long as I get to pick her. If you’re gonna bring in one, why bring in one that’s not enjoyable to look at? -Jeff Lowe

For the last two years, everybody’s accused me of all these crimes, and I got the evidence, but it’s never materialized. You know, I’m not an angel but god, put up your proof, you know, stop talking about it. -Jeff Lowe

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Quotes by Rick Kirkham


Where do you want to start? I guess at the beginning somewhere. It was a crazy beginning. -Rick Kirkham

She wanted to shut down the zoo. And he wanted her gone. -Rick Kirkham

He wasn’t real. He was like a mythical character, living out in the middle of Bumf***, Oklahoma. -Rick Kirkham

It was a place where all these misfits could come together and be with the King of Misfits who reigned over them. -Rick Kirkham

You know, I’ve done a lot of s*** in my life, but I’ve never experienced anything like Joe Exotic. -Rick Kirkham

Breeding was his whole thing. The whole idea was to keep baby tigers being born. -Rick Kirkham

Joe’s ego was so big. Way too big for his little body. He would have done anything to become famous. – Rick Kirkham

Carol had him by the balls, and he hater her. God, he hated her. -Rick Kirkham

Quotes by the Rest of the Cast

USA - Oklahoma -  Tall water tank in Wynnewwood, Oklahoma

Animal people are nuts, man. And I might be one of them people. I don’t know, but they’re all half-out there man. -John Reinke

The big cat people are backstabbing pieces of s***. – James Garretson

You know, there’s not every day that a zookeeper went to prison for murder-for-hire. So, I’m sure y’all got a story to tell. -John Reinke

There are more captive tigers in the US today than there are in the wild throughout the world. -CBS This Morning Anchor

You would not believe how many sheriffs told me, “Oh yeah, just down the street, there’s a guy that has a lion,” or “A guy down there that has a tiger.” They just feel very strongly that these are mine and nobody’s gonna take ‘em from me. -John Kasich

I’ll tell you it’s real simple. Don’t own big, dangerous, exotic animals ‘cause it’s a time bomb. Everybody has a story. Everybody that’s owned one, it’s always been a bad, bad ending. -Unknown

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Long before he was ever indicted in these charges, Joe Exotic was someone that makes good TV, makes good news. Even if it’s a train wreck, you can’t help but look. -Sylvia Corkill

What is a snow leopard doing in the back of this guy’s hot van? -Eric Goode

I’m a baby tiger short and stout. This is my tail and this is my mouth. I’m gonna bite you and it’s gonna hurt. So why will I bite you? Because I’m a jerk. -Erik Cowie to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”

Joe is a very paranoid person. -Sheriff Larry Rhodes

So many of us are programmed to believe that, you know, we need weekends off, we’re only working 40 hours a week…in some ways this is, you know, the military. Except instead of having, you know, hand grenades, we have tigers. -Robert Johnson

I kinda idolized him, you know. Hell, number one, not just because of the way he had the animals and stuff he had, the way he had them women trained. For his own d***, you know, harem and s***. -Tim Stark

I don’t need you to teach me a d*** thing about animals. How the f*** you got these women trained? -Tim Stark

I like my s*** medium-rare. -Erik Cowie

She thinks she’s the Cleopatra of big cats. And to tell you the truth, she’s not that good. -Mark McCarthy

Carole Baskin is full of s***, in my opinion. She’s gt a missing husband that’s supposedly buried in her property. That’s a real true story. -Mario Tabraue

She’s an angel sent straight from hell, and one day you’ll find out. -Gladys Lewis Cross

If you’ve got the money, you usually find yourself on the right side. -Sylvia Corkill

When I first met Joe, things were all right, I guess, and then it turned like to s*** quick. -Allen Glover

Goldilocks b****. -Allen Glover

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He didn’t care who he hurt. He didn’t care who he stepped on. -John Finlay

I like pink camo. Lot of people make fun of me for it, but you know what, it’s just something I like. -John Finlay

I just kinda felt like I was attached by pain to Joe. Like we had a bond of pain. -Joshua Dial

He was already a person, throwing people out, accusing them of being spies and stuff. But the paranoia was not unfounded. -Joshua Dial

He’s been trying to get someone to k*** Carole for years. -James Garretson

This pisses me off. He thinks he’s above the law. -John Reinke

You can’t get him to stop talking. And if the cameras are rolling, even better. -Sylvia Corkill

They say you can’t get nothing done with a monkey on your back, so you put them on your f*ing front and you can still get s*** done. -Tim Stark

I keep telling myself over and over, I’m involved in a federal murder-for-hire plot. Who’d have thought? Just because I stopped by a zoo to feed a bear one day. -John Reinke 

I never mess with the feds. I don’t really like the feds. Um, I’m a Libertarian, so technically, f*** the feds. But you know, I don’t want to be dealing with them. I was contacted by an FBI agent, and he said point-blank, “You’re going to be on team government, or you’re going to be on team Joe.” It was the scariest moment of my life. -Joshua Dial

Jeff Lowe is a very skilled conman. -Sylvia Corkill

Mr. Passage built his own kingdom. He was the Tiger King. But here’s the problem with kings. They get used to making all the rules. Mr. Passage believed that his kingdom was under attack. So Mr. Passage attacked back. -Amanda Green

Everyone involved is a so-called animal advocate. Not a single animal benefited from this war. Not a single one. -Kelci Saffery

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Best Quotes from Tiger King_ Murder, Mayhem and Madness

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