Cowpokes Review: BBQ & Diner Food in Prague, Oklahoma

Oklahoma - Prague - Cowpokes
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After spending time exploring some of the best things to do in Prague, Oklahoma, we made our way over to Cowpokes BBQ Diner. I chose Cowpokes because I had two places in Prague that I wanted to try, and the other (The Kitchen) was closed. So it was an easy decision.

Cowpokes had come highly recommended, so I was practically drooling as we made our way inside the restaurant. Here’s my full Cowpokes review, including information about the Cowpokes menu and what we ate and drank.

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Cowpokes Review: BBQ & Diner Food in Prague, Oklahoma

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Cowpokes Review

Here we go…

Seating and Experience

Oklahoma - Prague - Cowpokes

We walked in for lunch on a Thursday and there were only two customers in the place, and only one additional customer had walked in by the time we left. So we pretty much had the place to ourselves, which was nice since our son is going through a “throw everything on the floor” phase.

Our server was extremely nice and helpful. She went out of our way to give us things our son could actively throw on the ground that wouldn’t be a mess for us to pick up.

Oklahoma - Prague - Cowpokes

The decor is down home without being kitschy (or should I saw, too kitschy). Everything here is earnest. Nothing is meant to evoke or pretend to be something, rather everything just is. Cowpokes is what it is, and that’s part of what makes it such a gem.

Oklahoma - Prague - Cowpokes

We sat in the small side room, which we thought would be good for the baby to run around without escaping, but alas no such luck. However, in the middle of these times when being as far away from people as possible is a bonus, having a small room to ourselves was a nice bonus.

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Overall, I found Cowpokes to be a peaceful place to eat lunch, despite my son’s best efforts.

Cowpokes Menu

Oklahoma - Prague - Cowpokes - Jordan and Cowpokes Menu

Boasting a huge number of options for BBQ and traditional Oklahoma cuisine, you might think that they wouldn’t be able to execute the menu. However, I did not find that to be a problem. I’ll talk about what I ate below, but there were so many things I didn’t get that I wanted to order.

Oklahoma - Prague - Cowpokes

One thing I really wanted to try was the day’s special, meatloaf. However, I passed on it for one of my tried-and-true favorites. Maybe next time!

What We Drank: Practically Nothing

I ordered a Diet Coke and forgot to even take a picture. My husband only had water. For some reason, unlike when we ate at The Lokal in Yukon, we decided to be real teetotalers. Oh well, there’s always next time!

What We Ate: Traditional Oklahoma Cuisine

Oklahoma - Prague - Cowpokes - Chicken Fried Steak with Fried Okra and Mashed Potatoes

They are more known for their barbeque, but I wanted a chicken fried steak. And, guys, it was so good. Maybe the best chicken fried steak I’ve had in a decade? It was even good later as takeout. The fried breading didn’t disentegrate or get too mushy like they can when you eat it later.

The fried okra was very crispy, and the mashed potatoes were the perfect balance of creamy well-mashed potatoes with lumps for texture. Yes, I like my mashed potatoes lumpy, and I even like it rustic-style with the peels.

They white gravy was great but not too heavy, which is hard to find sometimes. Honestly, this was a very memorable meal for being items I’ve ordered hundreds of times in my life.

So Should You Eat at Cowpokes BBQ Diner?

Yes! Go expecting solid versions of Okie favorites and you can’t go wrong!

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Cowpokes Review: BBQ & Diner Food in Prague, Oklahoma

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