50 Crazy Tiger King Memes We All Need in Our Lives

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Are you obsessed with Tiger King? If you’re anything like me, you’re currently experiencing the joy and terror of #stayathome and using the saccharin-yet-absolutely-terrifying world of Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, et. al.

So why not experience a few extra blissful moments of escapism by enjoying these hilarious Tiger King memes. And if you still need a bit more time away, when it’s done you can check out my favorite Tiger King quotes that I pulled while watching it again.

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The Best Memes from Tiger King_ Murder, Mayhem and Madness

The Best Tiger King Memes

Pulled from all corners of the internet, here are my favorite Tiger King Memes. Some memes contain spoilers, so bookmark this and come back after you watch it if you haven’t yet!

  1. For some reason, I keep coming back to this one over and over. I saved it just to chuckle to myself randomly.

2. Seriously, I can’t tell. Can you?

3. I stan Stefan now and forever.

4. I mean, this is just an apt description of what happened.

5. Handing out important life lessons.

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6. The Mathematics of Tiger King

7. You should still go back and watch Love is Blind. And then feed Jessica to a tiger.

Joe Exotic Memes

Obviously the ONE AND ONLY Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic, is the subject of some truly amazing memes.

8. My inner fourth grader wants this on a trapper keeper.

9. Charts don’t lie.

9. Nobody likes you when you’re twenty three…so find them at nineteen instead.

10. Couples costume of the year.

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@cutebutbitchyaf you down of what?

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11. Is it cheating to use Joe Exotic twice tho?

12. Samesies

13. I wish I looked that good.

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Can’t. Stop. Watching. Tiger. King.

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14. Ligers FTW

15. This could be their billboard.

16. So real well.

17. Travis might have been hotter tho.

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18. Some things you can’t unsee.

19. International intrigue

20. Well the economy is in a tailspin rn

21. #herekittykitty

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Here Kitty Kitty > Hit Em Up

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22. In Wynnewood that’s called Traditional Marriage

23. Too soon?

24. That Bomber…

Carole Baskin Memes

You know that’s what you came for.

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25. It can’t be proven scientifically either way.

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Quarantiger time @joe.exotic.official

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26. You know this was her AIM away message back in the day.

27. I get it.

28. But for real, where?

29. You can’t.

30. Relateable

31. Resort season is wild this year

32. Yummy

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33. I mean his crimes against women were well documented

34. It did make her workspace more tolerable.

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Just doing my part.

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35. We get it

36. I know this one is basically a repeat, but I don’t care. I love both.

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Hey all you cool cats and kittens 🐱

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37. #truth

38. No Amber, I feel this.

39. Form of a question tho

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Check the damn tank already.

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40. And looking good doing it

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Vibe check 🐯 (@acceptablememes)

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Doc Antle Memes

Okay internet, there is a shocking lack of Doc Antle memes compared to the sheer volume of available material. Do better.

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41. Awkward

42. Mystical Science Docter was it?

43. Define girlfriend

44. Shaktipat with penis, remember?

Jeff Lowe Memes

In a documentary of alleged murderers, animal abusers, and cult leaders, it’s impressive to come off as possibly the most hateable of them all.

45. Yup

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Fucking Jeff #TIgerKing #JeffLowe #ErectionPills

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46. Moves it to Thackerville.

47. Hats on hats on hats

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#TigerKing #TigerMan #JeffLowe #JoeExotic

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48. Little Allen Turner. I’m dying.

49. I see it…

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And Finally, A Shaq Meme to Bring it All Home

50. Do you think he knew it was coming?

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