13 Oklahoma Tattoos & Oklahoma Tattoo Inspiration

Oklahoma Tattoos and Oklahoma Inspired Tattoos
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Do you love Oklahoma so much you want to literally wear your Okie heart on your sleeve? If you’re looking to get an Oklahoma inspired tattoo, check out these great Oklahoma tattoos for inspiration.

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Oklahoma Tattoos and Oklahoma Inspired Tattoos

The Best Oklahoma Inspired Tattoos

In no particular order…

An Oklahoma Map

Oklahoma’s iconic shape makes it a great canvas to plan an Oklahoma tattoo around. You can fill it with other state symbols and designs, or you can choose to get it very small and filled in. Or keep it really simple and do a small tattoo of the Oklahoma state outline in a sharp black line.

A Bison Tattoo

Bison tattoos are a little trendy and they aren’t completely unique to Oklahoma, but they are one of the most magnificent animals living in our state.

You can get a realistic one or choose to go more geometric.

These are a great idea if you’re looking for Oklahoma tattoos for men or women since you can play up the masculinity or femininity of the bison to suit your personal tastes.

Oklahoma State Flower Tattoos

Oklahoma has two state flowers, the Oklahoma Rose and the Indian Blanket, which is our state wildflower. Both are just lovely flowers, but the Indian Blanket is much more distinctly tied to the state since it’s more uncommon outside of the state.

A Red Bud Tattoo

If you love the idea of getting something floral but aren’t set on the Indian Blanket or Oklahoma Rose, why not get some beautiful flowers from the Red Bud tree instead!

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The Red Bud is Oklahoma’s official flowering tree, and it’s also synonymous with Oklahoman institutions like the Red Bud Run.

An Oklahoma Bouquet Tattoo

If you love Oklahoma’s flower, but you want something a little bigger and bolder, you can get a bouquet tattooed instead. You can include wildflowers found in Oklahoma, the Red Bud, Oklahoma Roses, sunflowers, or whatever flowers remind you the most of home!

An Oklahoma Flag Tattoo

If you want to pick an Oklahoma state symbol, but you’re not keen on flowers, there are lots of other great options! The Oklahoma State Seal is a popular choice. You can get it on a field of light blue as the Oklahoma Flag, or you can get it on it’s own.

A ScissorTail Flycatcher Tattoo

Another great state symbol for a tattoo is the Scissortail Flycatcher, Oklahoma’s state bird. This bird’s distinctive tail automatically makes me think about Oklahoma instantly.

Oklahoma Political Tattoos

If there’s an issue facing Oklahoma that you care about deeply, like teacher pay or fracking, you can speak your mind via some political tattoo art.

Oklahoma Slang Tattoos

While Oklahoma actually covers several dialect regions, we do love our slang. You can get one of your favorite words included in a larger tattoo or just use one on its own.

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An Oklahoma City Thunder Tattoo

If you’re a die-hard Oklahoma City Thunder fan, you can commemorate this with your very own OKC Thunder tattoo! I personally love the logo, but you could get a jersey number or other important team symbol as well.

An Oklahoma University Tattoo

Whichever university in Oklahoma is your favorite, you can find a symbol or use their mascot as a base for a great tattoo.

Whether you went to the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, the University of Tulsa, the University of Central Oklahoma, or any of the state’s other great universities, all schools have symbols and mottos that would work great!

A Cowboy Hat or Cowboy Boots Tattoo

If you’re looking for some throwback prairie-inspired tattoos, cowboy books and cowboy hats make for simple, clean, and elegant tattoos.

An Oklahoma Tattoo Sleeve

Finally, if you are the kind of person who believes that bigger really is better, you can get a sleeve done, layering different Oklahoma tattoos into a larger motif. The sky’s the limit with what you can do with this big of a canvas!

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Oklahoma Tattoos and Oklahoma Inspired Tattoos

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