25 Hilarious Route 66 Puns & Instagram Caption Inspiration

USA - Catoosa - Iconic huge Blue Whale roadside attraction by swimming hole on Route 66 in Oklahoma on a winter day
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Looking for ideas for photograph or Instagram captions for your Route 66 road trip? Here are my favorite Route 66 puns and jokes to make your trip even better!

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Route 66 Puns for Route 66 Instagram Captions

The Best Route 66 Puns & Jokes

Here are my favorite Route 66 puns.

It’s time to Chica-go on our Route 66 adventure. (Chicago, Illinois is the beginning of Route 66)

Here’s the Amaril-low down on our trip so far. (Amarillo, Texas)

With Cadillac Ranch on the side. (Outside of Amarillo, Texas)

Follow the Historic Brick Road (In Auburn, Illinois)

I never kiss and motel. (Good for any of the historic motels on Route 66)

USA - California - Route 66 pavement sign sunrise in California's Mojave desert.

This meal is Cucamonga-s. (Rancho Cucamonga, California)

We’re too far behind our schedule. We need to Catsup. (The largest catsup bottle in the world is in Collinsville, Illinois)

Life’s a Litch. (Litch, Kansas)

If the chair’s a-rocking, don’t come a-knocking. (The second-largest rocking chair in the world is in Fanning, Missouri)

Rock me mama like a Wagon Wheel Motel. (Cuba, Missouri)

USA - Missouri - St. louis downtown at twilight in USA

Shake your Catoosa. (Catoosa, Oklahoma)

On the road, you’ve got to stay Hydro-ated. (Hydro, Oklahoma)

What happens in Vega, stays in Vega. (Vega, Texas)

Got a Blue Whale of a tale to tell you, lads. (Catoosa, Oklahoma)

I think I found my Dairy Godmother (Dairy King in Commerce, Oklahoma)

USA - Oklahoma - Route 66: William H. Murray Bridge, a.k.a. Pony Truss Bridge, over the S. Canadian River, near Geary-Hinton, Oklahoma.

Miami nice. (Miami, Oklahoma)

Can you be more Pacific? (Pacific, California)

We’re Circle Inn the wagons. (Circle Inn Malt Shop in Bourbon, Missouri)

Arch you loving this view? (The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri)

Winslow down. You don’t want a speeding ticket. (Winslow, Arizona)

Amboy Oh Boy (Amboy, California)

I can see the future. I’m Claremore-ant. (Claremore, Oklahoma)

It’s a Needles in a haystack. (Needles, California)

USA - Oklahoma - Tulsa - The famous Route 66 Gate in Tulsa Oklahoma

Yukon have whatever you like. (Yukon, Oklahoma)

M-m-m-my Winona (Winona, Arizona)

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Route 66 Puns for Route 66 Instagram Captions

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