13 Quotes Commemorating the Oklahoma City Bombing

USA - Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - A pool stands where the terrorist attack took place in Oklahoma
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It’s hard to believe that we’re about to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing. I still remember experiencing that day as a ten-year-old. It was confusing and scary for a kid, but in the years since I’ve realized how special and responsible Oklahoma’s response to the bombing was.

To honor the anniversary, here are the most beautiful Oklahoma City Bombing quotes to comfort the people still hurting and celebrate the heroism Oklahahoma saw that day.

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Oklahoma City Bombing Quotes

The Most Beautiful Quotes About the Oklahoma City Bombing

Oklahoma residents are known for not backing down from a fight in the political arena, on the gridiron, NBA courts or rodeo arenas, but in their reaction to the bombing, they knew intuitively they would not find restoration in rage. -Tom Brokaw

You have lost too much, but you have not lost everything. And you have certainly not lost America, for we will stand with you for as many tomorrows as it takes. … If anybody thinks that Americans are mostly mean and selfish, they ought to come to Oklahoma. If anybody thinks Americans have lost the capacity for love and caring and courage, they ought to come to Oklahoma. -President Bill Clinton 

For those of us in Oklahoma, the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building is the event by which we measure time. It is to my generation in Oklahoma what Pearl Harbor was to my parents’ generation. -Stephen Jones.

USA - Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - Oklahoma memorial.

I think that building will be a tomb for the victims who will never be found. -Governor Frank Keating

You don’t get a scar unless you’ve gotten healing. The bigger the scar that you have means the larger the wounding that you’ve had. There needs to be great healing that comes to you in order to get your scar. -Susan Urbach

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It’s very difficult for many of us that responded. It’s difficult to talk about. It’s difficult to visit this place, but when we do, it’s with respect. It’s wanting to maintain the dignity and realizing that we won’t forget. -Kevin McCullough

USA - Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - Oklahoma memorial.

It was the beginning of a new chapter in American history, a dark chapter. -Jonathan Leshnoff

I hope we are an inspiration to those who are starting their own journey to healing. I hope people see that life goes on. So many of us have picked up the pieces and kept moving forward. -Priscilla Salyers

Everything was just a complete void. Just a blackness that I had never experienced before. There was no sound. There were no smells that I remember. Just this utter dark void. -Jason Williamson 

USA - Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - Oklahoma memorial.

I think at the time, it brought the city together. We were all Oklahomans. Okies. -Bill Kenney

It doesn’t get easy, but maybe it gets easier a little bit with time. -Kevin McCullough

USA - Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - Oklahoma City Memorial Chairs

The chair was empty. And that implied to the readers of the story that the grandfather had died, and she was very sad. So this image of the empty chair…there’s very few words needed to explain the bigger context of what just happened. -Torrey Butzer

And I think the greatest takeaway of the bombing is, you know what, life is really short. Life is temporary. You know the things that matter are love. -Susan Urbach

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Oklahoma City Bombing Quotes

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  1. Stephen D Price says:

    There was a poem written on
    A building near the bombed federal building a short time after
    The bomb If some now it by heart
    I would love to put on back of T-shirt and Oklahoma flag on the front. It’s something like
    The blood of victims cry for justice the living requires it and God demands it . I’m not sure how close I am

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