Power House Review: Cocktails & TexMex with an Okie Twist (OKC’s Farmers Market District)

Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - Farmers Market District - Power House - Bloody Mary with a Pickled Okra
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After spending a long morning at the Oklahoma City Farmers Public Market, we were anxious to try one of the restaurants nearby. We ended up at Power House, a Southwestern-inspired bar in the Farmers Public Market’s parking lot that’s a popular OKC brunch spot to visit after the market. Here’s my full Power House review including what we ate and drank.

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Power House OKC Restaurant Review

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About Power House OKC

Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - Farmers Market District - Power House Restaurant Review

Located in the up-and-coming Farmers Market District, the restaurants here boast something that other areas don’t: using produce directly from the market. Which is how some juicy-juicy mangoes made their way onto our plate.

According to the restaurant, their name and aesthetic are inspired by the history of the building:

Just west of downtown proper we reside in the original powerhouse building for the 6-acre market district. We aspire to retain the charm and character of both the building and our incredible community.

OKC Power House Menu

Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - Farmers Market District - Power House OKC - Valentine and Stephanie Jenga

They have a good cocktail and beer list, since this is, at heart, a bar that serves food and not a traditional restaurant. Hence the giant Jenga (or Jenga-substitute for legal purposed) on our table when we arrived. Note to other parents of toddlers: when giant Jenga falls down, tears ensue.

While it has more of a bar feel and menu, it is an all-ages establishment, and anyone who looks under thirty-five can expect to be carded. At thirty-six, I know being carded is a privilege I am not ready to give up.

The food menu is simple. They’re known for their Chile Pork Verde, which they serve all day long, along with chips and queso and daily specials. Food is seasonal, and produce from the Farmers Market is used so you know it’s supporting our community.

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Power House Review

Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - Farmers Market District - Power House OKC Restaurant Review

Here we go…

Seating and Experience

Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - Power House OKC - Valentine and Jordan

There are two patio options, on either side of the building. One has a desert feel and small tables, while the patio on the other side has long tables and a slightly more traditional patio ambiance. Garden lights and chandeliers contrast beautifully (and quirkily) with the original utilitarian nature of the building. Form-meets-function-meets-cacti, if you will.

Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - Farmers Market District - Power House Restaurant

The patio had a lovely spring breeze, and servers were very attentive. Saturday Farmers Market brunch is one of the biggest events of the week here, but we never felt overwhelmed with crowds or left alone for too long.

My only complaint is the music was a tad too loud for conversations, but that was minor. Overall, it was just lovely to be out on the patio here on a beautiful day.

What We Drank: the Power House OKC Bloody Mary

Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - Farmers Market District - Power House OKC - Stephanie

I ordered the Bloody Mary, which was spicy. The spiciest Bloody Mary I’ve ever had, to be exact.

While it’s a tad too spicy for me (I can’t handle much spice), the flavor was lovely. They also add an Okie twist in the form of a pickled okra in place of a pickle, olive, or other garnish. Just delightful.

What We Ate: Chicken Nachos, Etc.

Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - Power House OKC - Chicken Nachos

Unfortunately they were out of the verde sauce, so we will have to come back after our next Farmers Market trip. We ordered the Chicken nachos, some chips and queso, and the burrito with homemade hummus.

The chicken nachos were delicious and huge, so I was able to take half of them home. They used the same queso and the chips and queso, so I might have overdosed on queso while there. The cherry tomatoes felt a bit out of place, but they were delicious on their own.

Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - Power House OKC - Queso and Chips

A word about the queso: it’s spicy. Overall I left very happy but with a bit of heartburn from enjoying so many spicy dishes and drinks in a row. If you can’t handle spice, maybe ask your server for recommendations.

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The burrito was also delicious, but a bit of a smaller plate.

Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - Power House OKC - Burrito

Overall, the food was great and it was a lovely way to end our morning in the Farmers Market District.

Get Out & Explore Oklahoma City!

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Where to Stay in Oklahoma City

Many of you guys are probably OKC locals, or you live in Oklahoma. However, I know some of you guys are out-of-towners (or even out-of-staters) looking to plan your trip to the Big Friendly, here’s where I recommend you stay.

These are suggestions for where to stay in each budget category, plus an Airbnb recommendation. Recs are based on listed prices at the time, but keep in mind they can fluctuate based on availability, so always double-check the linked-to website for pricing for your exact dates.

Best Budget Option (Under $75 a Night)

If you are looking for a budget option near downtown, the Motel 6 Oklahoma City-Bricktown is two miles from Chesapeake Arena, and its location near I-40 means it is a convenient drive to most parts of OKC. I personally like to stay at Motel 6’s that are updated (like this one) when I need to pinch pennies or travel with my dog (most are pet-friendly).

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Best Mid-Range Option ($75-150 a Night)

If you love historic hotels (which I do!) the Skirvin Hilton Oklahoma City is a special place to stay if you want to swing it. With a seriously Instagrammable lobby, the perfect location, and gorgeous rooms, this hotel would be far pricier if it was in a different city.

Check availability and rates here.

Best Luxury Option ($150 a Night or More) 

If you want a unique stay with a modern twist, check into the 21c Museum Hotel. The rooms are something really special, with a level of design rarely seen in a hotel. There’s an onsite spa if you want to relax, but the highlight (for me, at least) is the artwork on display. 

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Power House OKC Restaurant Review

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