Stables Cafe Review: BBQ & Diner Food in Downtown Guthrie

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I’ve taken quite a shine to Guthrie as of late. Even though I grew up just twenty minutes away, I never appreciated the beauty of Downtown Guthrie until moving back to Oklahoma a few months ago.

I’ll pretty much use any excuse possible to spend an afternoon soaking up the architecture and ambiance. And that’s how I found myself at Stable’s Cafe.

Here’s my full Stable’s Cafe review including what we ate and drank!

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Stables Cafe Guthrie Restaurant Review

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About Stables Cafe

Oklahoma - Guthrie - Downtown Guthrie - Stables Cafe - Pie Counter
Pie and Bar-B-Q? Yes, please!

Located in Downtown Guthrie, Stables Cafe opened in 1987. You might be confused by the name since the restaurant is owned by the Prathers, but Stables comes from the fact that the building was originally a livery stable back in the late nineteenth century.

Today it’s a kitschy diner, complete with eclectic vintage decor, a beer list as long as your arm, and a full display of pies ready to serve.

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Stables Cafe Menu

Oklahoma - Guthrie - Downtown Guthrie - Stables Cafe

You’ll find a huge (seriously, huge) selection of entrees, sides, and specials to choose from. As the sign out front mentions that they have barbeque, burgers, steaks, Tex-Mex, spaghetti, a salad bar, and a bakery, you know there’s going to be something for everyone here.

Stables Cafe Review

Oklahoma - Guthrie - Downtown Guthrie - Stables Cafe - Kitschy Signs
Vintage decor at the Stables Cafe

Here we go…

Seating and Experience

Oklahoma - Guthrie - Downtown Guthrie - Stables Cafe - Jordan
Why can’t I throw my straws on the floor, mother?

The restaurant was big, and there was almost no one there when we got there. We were able to snag a side room almost all to ourselves. Throughout the meal, other tables started to fill up, and it was crowded by the time we left.

Our server was so nice, even when our toddler kept trying to throw everything on the floor. We had consistent service, and we were able to pay at the table with our card at the end of the meal.

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Overall, lunch at Stables was extremely pleasant and uneventful, which is pretty stellar for a meal with a one-year-old.

What We Drank: The Basics

Oklahoma - Guthrie - Stables Cafe - Beer

Since I was driving, I skipped the afternoon beer in favor of just plain Diet Coke. My husband had a Shock Top off the beer list. I know, I know. It wasn’t too exciting, but that’s on us. They have a large beer list. They also have a huge wine list that I want to dig into next time I come, though beer goes better with barbeque.

What We Ate: Barbecue and Burgers

Oklahoma - Guthrie - Downtown Guthrie - Stables Cafe BBQ Lunch

I chose the lunch barbecue special. For my meal, I selected brisket. I’d been craving brisket since we moved back, but I hadn’t found myself with a good excuse to order it until we were here.

For my sides, I had beans and coleslaw. I was expecting more of a baked bean, but these didn’t come with sauce. I really enjoyed them nevertheless, and the slaw was great.

It was really good, and I ended up taking about half of my lunch home and eating it as a snack in the afternoon. The portions on mine were good, but on my husband’s they were downright huge:

Oklahoma - Guthrie - Downtown Guthrie - Stables Cafe Bacon Cheeseburger

My husband had a bacon cheeseburger and fries. The fries got an A+ from our son, who kept sneaking them off his Dad’s plate. The burger also got good marks, and there was enough to bring home for a full second meal.

And it’s not just the portion sizes they keep big, check out how much dressing comes with a salad:

Oklahoma - Guthrie - Downtown Guthrie - Stables Cafe Chef Salad

In general, everything was done really well, and I was happy we had such a tasty lunch. If you want traditional Oklahoma food like Oklahoma-style barbecue and other comfort diner foods, this is a great place to stop when you’re in town.

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Stables Cafe Guthrie Restaurant Review