13 Fabulous Oklahoma Souvenirs You Need in Your Suitcase

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Wondering what to buy in Oklahoma on an upcoming (or current) trip? These are the best Oklahoma souvenirs and gifts made in the Sooner State you can bring back home from your travels.

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What to Buy in Oklahoma Souvenirs and Gifts

The Best Souvenirs from Oklahoma

While there are so many fabulous options for shopping in Oklahoma, these are my tops suggestions for what to buy in Oklahoma if you’re looking for a souvenir or a gift to take home to friends or family.

Rose Rocks

USA - Oklahoma -Closeup of rose rock (barite rock crystal - Oklahoma State Rock) sitting on wood

If there’s someone in your life for whom roses would be an appropriate gift, substitute a rose rock for a bit of romantic geology.

The barite rosette, or rose rock, is formed from barite and compressed san and has been the state rock of Oklahoma for over fifty years. They are found in the central and southern parts of the state.

You can find these for sale in Oklahoma gift shops, but you can also buy them online.

Cherokee Alphabet Souvenirs

USA - Oklahoma - Sequoyah, vintage engraved illustration. Magasin Pittoresque 1873.

Growing up, we had a ceramic version of the alphabet in our kitchen that was made by the Frankoma Pottery Company.

Commonly referred to as the Cherokee alphabet, it’s technically a syllabary. The difference is the characters form syllables instead of phonemes. Linguistics nerds know what I’m talking about.

The alphabet was created by Sequoyah while he was living in the South, but he came to Oklahoma as part of the Cherokee removal to the Indian Territory.

His alphabet is still used to write Cherokee, with the largest group of native Cherokee speakers living around Tahlequah, Ok.

You can find lots of different kinds of items embellished with the alphabet, but it’s best if you buy something that was made by members of the Cherokee tribe.

Route 66 Souvenirs

USA - Oklahoma - USA, Oklahoma, Chandler. Springtime at the Route 66 Interpretive Center.

Having grown up five minutes from Route 66, it’s lore looms large in my head. If you come through Oklahoma on a Route 66 road trip, feel free to stop by for coffee.

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Route 66 souvenirs are usually schwag decorated with the street sign, but see if you can find something a bit more offbeat.

The route is dotted with some gift shops, but it’s the giftshops at the landmarks along the way that have the most interesting offerings.


USA - Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - Chesapeake Arena OKC Thunder Game

If you’re coming into town to go to an OKC Thunder game, then getting some game day apparel is a no brainer. But even if you’re not, Oklahoma City Thunder gear is a great souvenir from Oklahoma or gift for the basketball enthusiast in your life.

I’ve traveled to over sixty countries, and I see OKC Thunder t-shirts, hats, and jerseys all over the world. It’s the most internationally recognized symbols of Oklahoma City right now, and you can find it everywhere.

If you someone go your whole trip without picking something up, you can find it at the Will Rogers airport on your way out of town.

Local Wine

USA - Oklahoma - Oklahoma wooden sign with winery background

People might not think that Oklahoma and wine go together, but that’s simply not the case! Before the Dust Bowl destroyed Oklahoma agriculture in the 1930s, wine production was an important component of Oklahoma’s economy.

However, between Prohibition and the Dust Bowl, Oklahoma’s wine industry got demolished, but it’s back now.

While here, you can visit wineries and enjoy sipping your way around the state’s best vineyards, or you can pick up a bottle to slip in your suitcase and take it back home with you.

First Nations Artwork

USA - Oklahoma - Welcome ot Oklahoma Sign on a sunny blue sky day

Please don’t pick up a bunch of dreamcatchers and fake headdresses made abroad. If you’re interested in Native American art, jewelry, and pottery, then buy it directly from the source!

You want to know that your money is going to support these communities (as opposed to putting money in the pockets of larger companies just profiting off of cultural appropriations).

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When it comes to beautiful Native American art and design, think couture and from the source.

College Gear

Before the Oklahoma City Thunder rolled into town, the biggest sports in town were the Oklahoma Sooners and Oklahoma State Cowboys. And college sports are still all-consuming here.

Pick up some Sooner or Cowboy gear, just be careful which team’s gear you wear to which town (or bar).

Pioneer Woman Goodies

Food Network superstar Ree Drummond offers up more than just tasty recipes. You can shop her products at the Mercantile in Pawhuska (or on The Mercantile’s website).

You’ll find delicious goodies, but also jewelry, accessories, clothes, and beautiful goods with that Pioneer Woman aesthetic that Oklahomans flip for.

Museum Giftshop Finds

USA - Oklahoma - Back lawn of Philbrook Museum in Tulsa Oklahoma

I love shopping in gift shops in museums, especially art museums. Look for beautiful and interesting made in Oklahoma or that showcase Oklahoma artists.

Braum’s Goodies

So admittedly, getting Braum’s ice cream back to your home is probably the most ambitious souvenir on this list. But, if your here on a road trip, fill a cooler up with ice and attempt this. You won’t be sorry when you get a few extra days enjoying the best ice cream on Earth.

Books by Oklahomans

There are a lot of fabulous books about Oklahoma history, young adult and children’s literature, and novels written by Oklahoma authors that you don’t see for sale outside of the state.

If you pass a small bookshop, or while you’re in a museum gift shop, take the time and look through what they have. Many of these will not be available from Amazon when you get home, so don’t miss your opportunity to pick up whatever catches your eye!

Jewelry from Rustic Cuff

This Oklahoma jewelry company, founded in 2011, is incredibly popular within the state but is far less known outside of the state. While it’s available in boutiques across the country, it means far more when you find your perfect cuff in the state (especially if it’s in one of the company’s two showrooms in Tulsa).

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Most of the jewelry I own from Rustic Cuff were gifts from my mother, and my favorite is this Oklahoma Cutout that I’ve owned twice after my first one was lost in Belize.

While I’m partial to the Oklahoma-shaped bracelet, they have a huge selection so you can find something that perfectly matches your style.

Leonard Mountain Mix

You’ll find Leonard Mountain soup and dip mixes in almost every Oklahoma pantry. While I’m partial to the Green Chili stew and the Enchilada stew, I suggest you pick up a sampler pack to take back a variety of flavors of Oklahoma when you’re back home.

Traditional Oklahoma Kitsch

USA - Oklahoma - US State Buttons: Pile of Oklahoma Flag Badges, 3d illustration

If you love to pick up a t-shirt, spoon, magnet, or some other traditional kitschy souvenir wherever you go, you’ll easily be able to find what you’re looking for here!

Just keep your eyes open since there aren’t as many traditional gift shops here, so if you spot one pick it up early and don’t wait until the last minute.

Of course, there are gift shops in the airport, but the prices are higher than you’ll find in the rest of the state.

What to Pack for a Trip in Oklahoma

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What to Buy in Oklahoma Souvenirs and Gifts

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