17 Best U-Pick Strawberry Farms in Oklahoma: How & Where to Pick Your Own Strawberries

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Wondering where to pick strawberries in Oklahoma? Whether you’re looking for a fun Oklahoma date idea or you want something to do in Oklahoma with kids, here are local pick your own strawberry farms (also known as U-Pick strawberry farms). Of course, the strawberry is the official fruit of Oklahoma, so we have quite a few of them!

I’m sure you’re thinking “okay, but I just want the ones near me…” So to make it easier to find the perfect strawberry farm in Oklahoma for you, I’ve organized them by where they are located in the state.

Note that I’ve tried to list them by which major city the farm is located near, but there is a bit of overlap, so you might check both the major city you live closest to as well as the next further one. For example, someone looking for a strawberry farm near Oklahoma City or Tulsa will find some overlap near, say, Stillwater.

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Best You Pick Strawberry Farms in Oklahoma - U-Pick Strawberry Farms near me - You Pick Strawberry Farms near OKC Tulsa

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Why Pick Your Own Strawberries in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma - Pick Your Own Strawberry Farm

Besides being featured on the official state meal of Oklahoma and serving as the state’s official fruit, strawberries are just absolutely delicious. They are actually the number one fruit crop in Oklahoma for home planting, and there’s an annual strawberry festival in Stilwell, Oklahoma that celebrates this delicious fruit and the farmers who grow it. So yeah, Oklahomans love strawberries.

What should you do with the strawberries once you bring them home? Whatever we pick, my brother turns into jams in our house, but Oklahomans use strawberries in pies, cobblers, jams, marmalades, cakes, cupcakes, punches, and more. There’s really no end to what you can do with Oklahoma strawberries once you bring them home with you!

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When is Strawberry Season in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma - Pick Your Own Strawberry Farm

You Pick Strawberry Farms (also referred to as U Pick Strawberry Farms or Pick Your Own Strawberry Farms) are popular because strawberries are one of the earliest fruits to ripen each year. While they are typically in season in June, they can be available earlier in May on typical farms if the weather cooperates. Always check with the farm you plan to go to since they will post what fruits are in season and if there are crops available to pick at that time.

Note that some farms use greenhouses and have a longer season. For these farms, strawberries can come in as early as mid-April and be on-and-off-again through October. My advice is to follow the farm you’re interested in on Facebook or Instagram so that you are always up-to-date with their produce options and hours!

How to Get to Oklahoma U Pick Strawberry Farms

Oklahoma - Pawhuska - Tallgrass Prairie Preserve - Stephanie Driving to the Tallgrass Prairie Reserve

Like most places in Oklahoma, you will need to drive. Strawberry farms tend to be in rural parts of the state, but even those very close to the cities are typically not reachable via public transportation. In these situations, you can check if Uber or a taxi will work. Otherwise, if you won’t be driving your own car, I have tips below for renting a car in Oklahoma that you can pick up at the start of your journey.

Do You Need a Car for Your Trip?

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Check availability and get a quote for a rental car for your trip.

The Best U Pick Strawberry Farms in Oklahoma

Organized by location.

You Pick Strawberry Farms near Oklahoma City

Oklahoma - Pick Your Own Strawberry Farm

Agape House Berry Farm (Mustang)

Specializing in strawberries and blackberries, Agape House Berry Farm is a local favorite with Oklahoma City families. The farm is owned by John and Pati Colston, who opened it with the intent to be a U-Pick Berry Farm. The farm is opened seasonally for strawberry season and blackberry season. See the farm’s Facebook page for up-to-date information each year.

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Address: 10912 S Czech Hall Rd, Mustang, OK 73064

Growing Paynes (Mustang)

Specializing in seasonal produce, including strawberries, tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, squash, melons, green beans, potatoes, pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn, Growing Paynes is a much-loved farm in Mustang. Pick your own produce is grown in the greenhouse, making crop availability easier to control and forecast. It also means things can be grown out-of-season, so check their Facebook page for updates.

Address: 12900 S Czech Hall Rd, Mustang, OK 73064

McRay Farms (Luther)

In the U-Pick business since 2019, McRay Farms offers both Pick Your Own strawberries as well as having batches available to purchase during your visit. Their season opens a bit earlier than some farms (they aim for mid-April), so check their Facebook page for up-to-date information.

Address: 19800 E Simmons Rd, Luther, OK 73054

Oklahoma - Pick Your Own Strawberry Farm

Rejoice Farms (Mustang)

This farm offers both fruits and vegetables for pick-up or pick-your-own. Part of the Lush-N-Lively Trail in the Oklahoma City, the easiest way to find out when they are open to the public is to check their Facebook page.

Address: 11300 Bell Blvd, Mustang, OK 73064

Buffalo Creek Berry Farm (Mustang)

Another farm that sees its first strawberries of the year in mid-April, Buffalo Creek Berry Farm in Mustang is solely a pick-your-own farm and grows strawberries in their greenhouse for many months of the year, making it possible to pick your own strawberries all the way until October. Check their Facebook page for availability and hours.

Address: 9211 Sloan Rd, Mustang, OK 73064

Sweet Hilltop Farm and Nursery (Okemah)

Primarily a you-pick flower farm, Sweet Hilltop Farm and Nursery does have berry crops (though not every year). Check their Facebook page to see if they have them available when you’re wanting to go pick your own berries.

Address: 110038 North 3690 Road, Okemah, OK, 74859

Oklahoma - Pick Your Own Strawberry Farm

Rolling Hills Farm (Tecumseh)

This farm specializes in strawberries and peas. Getting up-to-date information from them is a bit difficult since they don’t have a big online presence. Call ahead at 405- 598-8345 to check their hours.

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Address: 34855 Sandy Rock Road, Tecumseh, OK, 74873

The Farm on Fish Market (Wanette)

The farm has you-pick fruits including berries and watermelons. You can see their updates on their fruit crops on their website. They also offer field trips for school groups.

Address: 37312 Fishmarket Rd, Wanette, OK 74878

Molly’s Garden (Yukon)

This farm specializes in groceries, but they have had You Pick strawberries in the past. Their Facebook page isn’t kept up to date, but you can call (405) 706-3893 ahead of your visit to see what’s available.

Address: 150th and Sara Road, Yukon, OK, 73099

Cliff Springs Ranch (Stillwater)

This farm has strawberry crops, though they aren’t their specialty. When the crop is large enough, they will offer You-Pick. Call (405) 372-4485 to find out if its available.

Address: 2715 West Yost Road, Stillwater, OK, 74075

You Pick Strawberry Farms near Tulsa & Northeast Oklahoma

Oklahoma - Pick Your Own Strawberry Farm

Joe’s Farm (Bixby)

Specializing in You Pick Strawberries and Zinnias, you can leave Joe’s Farm with either something delicious or something gorgeous. The choice is up to you! They also offer Dig Your Own Sweet Potatoes in the autumn, so keep this farm on your radar most of the year. Follow their Facebook page and website for updates, but if they’re not up-to-date don’t forget you can call them at (918) 740-1171.

Address: 12811 S Sheridan Rd, Bixby, OK 74008

Stilwel U-Pick by J5 Farms (Stillwel)

Stillwel is the self-proclaimed “Strawberry Capital of the World.” And Stilwel U-Pick is the only place in this Strawberry Capital that actually offers U-Pick strawberries. Their Facebook page isn’t always up-to-date, so I prefer to call them at (937) 553-2769. Picking here is by appointment only.

Address: RR 2, Piney Rd, Stilwell, OK 74960

Huldy’s (Inola)

This beloved farm is planting fewer plants these days and U-Pick is by appointment only. Make sure to call at 918-261-9003 or email huldysfarm [at] gmail [dot] com ahead of time to arrange your visit. Information about pricing is on their website but is subject to change depending on circumstances.

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Address: 16525 E 590 Rd, Inola, OK 74036

Oklahoma - Pick Your Own Strawberry Farm

Woodward Strawberry Farms (Tahlequah)

This farm is call-ahead only. You can reach them at (918) 456-1779.

Address: Route 3 Box 629, Tahlequah, OK, 74464

Shepherd’s Cross (Claremore)

One of the most accessible You-Pick farms due to it’s regualr open hours, you can visit the farm store, museum, wool mill and Bible Garden which are open to the public Tuesday through Saturday year round from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm. The website is pretty up-to-date, but call ahead to see if U Pick Strawberries are happening at 918-342-5911.

Address: 16792 E 450 Rd #2, Claremore, OK 74017

Thompson Acres (Oologah)

Thompson Acres is one of the most popular U Pick strawberry patches in Oklahoma. They keep their Facebook page up to date with produce availability and hours.

Address: 13506 S 4090 Rd, Oologah, OK 74053

You Pick Strawberry Farms Near Lawton & Southern Oklahoma

Oklahoma - Pick Your Own Strawberry Farm

Creekside Berry Farms (Red Oak)

This locally owned berry farm outside of Leflore keeps its Facebook page updated with produce news so you can follow along. They specialize in strawberries and blueberries, but they also have a vegetable garden that produces seasonally.

Address: 17881 SE 110th Rd, Red Oak, OK 74563

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Best You Pick Strawberry Farms in Oklahoma - U-Pick Strawberry Farms near me - You Pick Strawberry Farms near OKC Tulsa

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